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  • Enkele gasveer monitorbeugel voor 1 scherm tussen de 13 en 27 inch met VESA aansluitingen 75 x 75 en 100 x 100.
  • Enkele gasveer monitorarm met afsluitring bevestiging en c-klem aansluiting
  • Gasveer monitorbeugel voor 1 beeldscherm te plaatsen in elke gewenste kijkhoek
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FM-SPM1 Gas Spring Monitor Stand

A monitor bracket driven by a gas spring that makes adjusting the monitor extra easy.

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Aantal monitoren1
Afmetingen monitoren13 to 27 inches
Vesa bevestiging75 x 75 & 100 x 100 mm
OpzetsysteemClamp (table)
Maximaal belastbaar gewicht6 kilograms
Gewicht2534 grams
Inhoud verpakking1x FM-SPM1 Monitor stand 1x Manual
Afmeting verpakking406 x 300 x 133mm
Totaal gewicht2534 grams
Fabrieksgarantie2 jaar
Do you sometimes want to keep a different position behind your monitor? Or do you quickly suffer from physical complaints, but adjusting the monitor bracket is so difficult? You recognize it, after a long working day you feel the physical complaints coming back. Unfortunately, adjusting your screen is so difficult. Introducing the FM-SPM1 Gas Spring Monitor Bracket. The FM-SPM1 Gas spring monitor bracket takes the adjustment problem away from you. The built-in gas spring makes adjusting the arm and monitor an easy option. In addition, the FM-SPM1 gas spring monitor mount is the most complete product on the market. Think of good stability and easy installation within 10 minutes.

This is the product for you if you are looking for an easy, yet sturdy adjustable monitor mount.

Specifications of the FM-SPM1

  • Single monitor stand
  • Carries a single display (monitor or TV) between 13 and 27 inches
  • Operates on a built-in gas spring
  • Move the movable monitor bracket to any position you want
  • The arm is height-adjustable, tiltable and rotatable
  • The support's solid and movable bracket ensures a solid base
  • Built-in cable management
  • Relieves neck, shoulder and back pain
  • A well-organised and clean desk
  • Een snel en makkelijk montage binnen 10 minuten


  • Work ergonomically and reduce physical complaints and thus absenteeism
  • The monitor is easy to adjust in height, making this monitor bracket suitable for all heights
  • Optimal viewing angle creating less burden on the neck


  • Easy to attach with the C-clamp or locking ring
  • Includes all necessary components to mount the monitor bracket
  • Extensive manual and set up within 10 minutes
  • Desktop can be up to 11 centimetres thick