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  • Douxe USB-C 87W Power Delivery Charger - met 180 cm USB-C naar USB-C kabel. Ideaal voor het opladen van alle USB-C devices
  • 87W snel laad oplader met 100W snel laad kabel voor USB-C apparaten
  • Douxe USB-C 87W Power Delivery Charger voor laptops
  • USB-C oplader met snel laad functie tot 87W. beschikt over een 180cm USB-C naar USB-C 100W snel laad kabel
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C87 - USB-C 87 Watt Power Delivery Charger

USB-C 87 Watt Power Delivery charger for all USB-C devices

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MateriaalPC Fireproof Material
Afmetingen115 x 80 x 27 mm + 180 cm Cable
Gewicht250 gram
Inhoud verpakking1x USB-C Power Delivery Charger 1x USB-C Cable 180cm
Afmeting verpakking147 x 110 x 50 mm
Totaal gewicht294 gram
Fabrieksgarantie1 jaar

Do you always want to have the option to take electricity with you because, for example, you work a lot in different places or just to stay flexible? You have the perfect solution for this, this small USB-C 87 Watt Power Delivery charger. The USB-C charger is ideal to take with you and you can charge almost any USB-C device with it.

A compact, stylish and high-quality USB-C 87 Watt charger for all your USB-C devices. Whether it's a MacBook, Samsung S20, iPad or other USB-C devices, this is the power adapter! The power adapter has a Power Delivery chip so that it always supplies the right amount of power to your device. This prevents overvoltage of the battery, so that your device lasts longer. The package contains a premium USB-C cable for 100W which is 180cm long.

afmetingen douxe 87W power delivery charger voor usb-c apparaten

Specifications of the C87

  • 87W Power Delivery
  • 100W Power Delivery Cable
  • Automatically selects the correct wattage
  • USB-C to USB-C
  • Universally usable for all USB-C devices
  • Renewed and protective
USB-C 87W Power Delivery Charger voor laptops and apple computer.

Power Delivery

  • Fast charging up to 87W
  • An included 100W Power Delivery charging cable
  • The USB-C Charger automatically detects the correct wattage
  • USB-C to USB-C
87W USB-C Power Delivery Charger

Smart Chipset

  • Provides 87W fast charging
  • Protects against: Over voltage, over current, over charge and high temperatures
  • Ideal for the latest USB-C devices