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LP2 Laptop Stand

10'' - 17'' Inch

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Afmetingen monitoren10-17 inch
Maximaal belastbaar gewicht10 kilogram
Afmetingen230 x 290 x 55 mm
Gewicht730 gram
Afmeting verpakking290 x 235 x 55 mm
Totaal gewicht800 gram
Fabrieksgarantie2 jaar
Do you quickly suffer from physical complaints while working behind your laptop? You recognize it, working behind your laptop every day causes neck, shoulder and back complaints.

The LP2 aluminum laptop stand from Douxe ensures that you adopt a good posture behind your laptop. Because the laptop stand is height and viewing angle adjustable, you can create the best angles for your posture with the LP2 aluminum laptop stand. Enjoy the most ergonomic laptop stand!

Specifications of the LP2

  • For 10'' to 17''-inch laptops and tablets
  • Ergonomically designed for comfortable use
  • Height and viewing angle is adjustable so it can be set in any position
  • Improving sitting posture through correct height and viewing angle
  • Non-slip layers that prevent laptop or tablet from sliding around
  • Heat dissipation preventing overheating
  • Creates a neat and tidy desk
  • Weighs only 730 grams
  • Easy to take with you when travelling
  • Made of aluminium for extra strength
  • Has a maximum load capacity of 5 kg

Storage & Anti-slip

  • Additional storage space for phones, keys or wallets
  • Anti-slip points on each corner of the laptop stand prevent shifting
  • Set up in seconds
  • Aluminium laptop stand

    • Use the laptop stand where and when you want
    • Extremely light, only 730 grams
    • Fits in most bags making the laptop portable by default