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Universal World Plug

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Poorten3 x USB-A port (5V, 5.6A)
1 x USB-C port (5V, 3.4A)
KeurmerkCE, ROHS, FCC
Type socketUK, EU, AUS,AFR (Universal)
Type plugUK, EU, AUS,AFR (Universal)
OutputUSB-A: 4 x 5Dv 5600 Ampere
USB-C: 1 x 5v 3.4 Ampere
Voltage100V-240V, 50/60Hz
Wattage1500 Watt (max)
Afmetingen67x47x52 mm
Gewicht127 gram
Afmeting verpakking60 x 58 x 69 mm
Totaal gewicht150 gram
Fabrieksgarantie1 jaar

Can be used anywhere

Can be used in more than 170 countries. Wherever you go, take the world plug with you so that you and everyone around you can charge their devices. Thanks to the compact and sturdy design, the world plug can take a beating.

Four Fastcharge USB ports

The world plug has four FastCharge USB ports that charge devices super fast. Phones, laptops, cameras, e-readers and much more. In total you can charge 5 devices simultaneously with the plug.